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Our Story

Three Creeks Cattle Company, was established in 2022 with the intentions of nurturing land, cattle and health.  What started as a dream of getting back to our natural and ancestral roots became a reality that we now get to share with you!
We pride ourselves on combining old school cowboying with the best that modern technology has to offer. It is our honor and privilege to feed you and your family.

About The Ranch

Three Creeks is located in the high-elevation grasslands of Fairplay, Colorado.  This high altitude basin was formed by the Rocky Mountains’ Mosquito and Park Mountain Ranges.  Our cattle roam on 5,000 acres here in the valley, drinking fresh water from the Tarryall and other creeks that run through our properties.  We finish our beef with spent barley and sweet feed, so they are well marbled and flavorful.

Our Process & Sustainability

In order to promote the health of the grasslands on which the cattle live, we practice rotational grazing.  We also use recyclable insulated packaging for our shipped products.

About Our Cattle

We currently offer Black and Red Angus, Hereford and Angus Cross.

Meet Your Ranchers

Ranching is alot of hard work, so why do we do it?

Within the last 100 years, people have drifted far away from our agrarian roots. Instead of living with the land (like we used to), people have removed themselves almost completely from farming and real foods.

Not surprisingly, overall health in this country has diminished. Providing nutrient dense, grass-fed beef to our community is our way of supporting your health, and the health of the land.

Not everyone can be a rancher, but we are happy to pick up the reins and do the work.

Our Mission

We always work our hardest to provide our customers with the best beef at the best value, with the least amount of environmental impact!

Our Ranchers

TRINA – Trina’s first job was ranch-sitting, and although she left the agriculture world for a minute, she realized that her heart has and will always belong to ranching.  She has helped create non-profit organizations that provide fresh foods to “food desert” neighborhoods in Denver, Colorado, and has been involved in farming for the past 12 years.  

CHUCK – Manford "Chuck" Moore is a 5th generation rancher from Reece, Kansas, who has put compassion back into ranching. Not only does Chuck's mission in life is aimed at raising nothing but the happiest and healthiest cows and animals on the planet. 

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